Thanksgiving for One…or Two

Roasted chicken quarter with kale

Roasted chicken quarter with kale

Some of us have a demanding schedule that doesn’t allow time off to visit family during the holidays, especially Thanksgiving.  There are plenty of tips about cooking for the family in magazines or on television, but what about the singletons?  So, here are some pointers on cooking for one during the holidays.

  • Don”t buy a whole turkey.  You can get parts, like two turkey breasts or two turkey legs that is the perfect portion for one or two people.
  • Take it easy.  If it”s just yourself, there is no need to make the mashed potatoes or stuffing from scratch. Store-bought desserts also take less time to heat and serve.
  • Make something different.  It doesn’t have to be turkey day.  If you want to make pasta carbonara, go ahead and make it.  Check with your favorite restaurant to see if they have any special take-away meals for the holiday.  Pick it up ahead of time and enjoy.

Happy Itis Day!

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